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WCCW 107.5

WCCW has been a heritage station in Traverse City for over 50 years and has been broadcasting the best hits of the 60s & 70s in their current format since 1996. For nearly 25 years 107.5 WCCW has been one of the highest rated stations in the market.  

Baby Boomers have created more wealth than any preceding generation both because of their numbers and many of them went to college.


WCCW 107.5 focus demographic are adults ages 35-64. There is an estimated 71,000 of these adults in our coverage area, making up 43% of all adults.


Gallup Researchers found that while this group has higher brand engagement, they are still very open to changing brands


“They are purchasing at rates just as high as other segments and because they are buying for their kids, they are double dipping”, according to Doug Anderson, Nielsen RD


An NBC study showed that they spend more than the average on categories like home improvement, large appliances, casual dining, cosmetics, electronics & digital choices.


They represent a larger and wealthier segment of the population and current economic conditions continues to be favorable for them.


Top activities include TV, Internet, playing sports or exercising, music, books, web-based video games.



Source: Gallup Researchers 2012

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