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KLT The Rock Station!

KLT “The Rock Station” is THE heritage mainstream rock station with a classic-rock focus. With 150,000 watts of rock and roll power on three signals (97.5, 93.5 & 96.7) and mainstay live talent, KLT has been a market leader for over 35 years.
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WKLT Rocks Northern Michigan from Coast to Coast with 97.5, 93.5 and 96.7 that reaches the largest potential audience of any radio station in the market.

The heritage station is home some of the market's most popular on-air talent:

5:30am - 10am: The Omelette & Finster Show!

The very well known and popular Omelette & Finster Show rocks the air waves each morning and keeps listeners connected to the community and the music

10am - 2pm: Terri Ray! With Lunch at the Leetsville Cafe, KLT's Garage and other popular features, Terri Ray has been keep listeners entertained and informed on KLT for over 35 years! With the longest running radio show in the market, Terri Ray has become a household name and where she goes a group of fans is sure to follow!

2pm - 7pm: Dean Berry! Yet another veteran DJ with a tremendous following, Dean Berry gets listeners through the second half of the day with amazing music and features like the Work Release Program, the Top 4 at 4 and more!

7pm - Midnight: Squatch! With an eclectic mix of rock music, exclusive interviews, and a dash of mystery, Squatch keeps evenings lively and listeners hooked. His unique approach to broadcasting has not only won him multiple awards but also the hearts of many. Whether it’s the latest in rock or a spontaneous giveaway, with Squatch, every show is an adventure. Don’t just listen to music; experience the thrill of the unpredictable with KLT’s Weekend Show with Squatch.

rockin' coast to coast!

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